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Unlock AI Solutions with Shovls

Our Solutions


AeroGrow AI application is designed to be your digital partner when using the Residential Aeroponic Tower. The app covers plant health, and tower status, and even provides nutritional details about your produce, ensuring you get the most out of your Aeroponic Tower.


Study AI'D leverages cutting-edge AI to transform studying, promoting academic excellence while emphasizing the ethical use of AI by students. Empower your learning journey with smart, personalized tools designed for success in a responsible, forward-thinking educational landscape.

Scholar AI'D

Scholar AID: Empowering Educators with AI-Enhanced Teaching Tools. Elevate your curriculum and foster academic integrity, ensuring the ethical use of AI in academia. Revolutionize learning experiences with innovative, responsible technology designed for the modern classroom."


BreatheDX is an innovative AI initiative that aims to revolutionize community healthcare by seamlessly integrating breath analysis into the diagnostic process for early disease detection and wellness assessment. 

AI Integration with Your Business

Unlock the full potential of AI for your business with Shovls. Our AI services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your ecosystem, providing a tailored solution to your business problems.

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